Special Education
  Special Education
The Armenian Catholic Holy Cross-Harboyan High School also offers Special Needs and Inclusion Programs starting from the academic year 2014 – 2015.
The Special Education Department develops an Individualized Plan (IP) for each student, tailored to his/her educational and social needs. The primary function of the department is to help each child develop her/his physical, intellectual, psychological, and emotional potential. 
Educational psychologist, speech and psycho-motor therapists are available to screen students on request from teachers or parents.
In a supportive environment, our Special Education Department caters students with mild learning difficulties to avoid failure and develop a sense of pride and accomplishment in their achievements, as at our school, there is an underlying belief that each student has the right to be given an equal opportunity and quality education.
The Special Education Department provides different types of support depending on the difficulty and general level of performance of the student, which include:
Out of Class Support: extra support given out of class for the same subject and material, the student would be learning in the regular class.
In Class Support: extra support given in class.
Special Programs (K-12) under the umbrella of alternative education are designed for students who find it difficult to follow the mainstream program.
Out of Class Remediation some students follow some of the regular curriculum objectives but through modified teaching methods.
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